Friday, July 25, 2008


Another day passes by........ and guess where am I sitting right now? Absolutely spot on!- My favourite coffee shop around as i scribble down my erratic thoughts on this small bill paper..... sipping carelessly at my cappuccino not knowing where do I stand at this very moment.... what do I do next! What has life got to offer next? How do I go about with my life ahead?..... Unsure about everything life has to offer next..... But have I ever known what life offers next? Does anyone know that?..... I guess not! But there's something unusual that I'm feeling at this very moment..... A force to break free...... A drive towards freedom..... A child's desire to grasp the unknown..... A man's insight into the future..... An anxiety, a longing, a wait...... A Wait is all I can give to this passing time..... All that I can do is Hope for everything I want in Life..... Yes, a Hope...... Our whole life depends on a Hope!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Its a Man's World!!!

A Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha few years back which entitled women to 33% reservation in the Lok Sabha. But reservation of seats for women at this dawn of the 21st century speaks volumes about the position of women in our country. But why do we blame our country only- it’s the same everywhere in this world.

A lot has been said about the progress of women- but whom are we trying to fool? When we speak of women reservations at this juncture it clearly shows that all we are pursuing is nothing but a hollow dream! The truth is that it’s been a few exceptions that we keep on citing as the progress of the fairer sex. However, a holistic stride still eludes us.

Let me now cite some examples to clarify what exactly I am trying to convey. We keep on repeating that women have made a great leap in the world of sports. It’s true that there's a lot of opportunity for the weaker sex if they want, but has anyone ever thought of the indifference that is shown when it comes to remunerations. A female Tennis player gets almost half the amount that her counterpart gets. Same is the case in all other versions of sports. And we still say that women are progressing!

When I've taken up the issue of remuneration then I feel free to convey that in Hollywood female actors get a huge margin of less payment than their male counterparts. If such is the case with the 'most civilized' cult of the human race then what more do I need to say. Women take part in all the beauty contests like Miss Universe and Miss World, but does anyone care to bother about the fact that these contests are never organized by the women fraternity themselves. Moreover, why don't we see women leaders of nations often? And when we do see one, why are we surprised? It's a fact that women fear the dirt of politics. The world has seen Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi and alike but then again these are the exceptions!

There is a common notion among all that women excel in cultural activities like art and dance. But I would rather say that though women engage themselves in these cultural activities, the zenith is occupied by their counterparts. When we talk about art everyone would talk about Da Vinci, Michelangelo and in present day M.F.Hussain. Similarly, when we talk about breakthrough in the field of dance in India everyone speaks of Uday Shankar.

No matter what anyone says, it's a very sorry plight at least for me! With cases of rape, female infanticide, bride burning, molestations, eve teasing increasing exponentially all over the world, I don't see progress for women for even the next century. And with exploitation of one half of the society I see nothing but darkness gripping the human race. However, I still have hope on humanity. I still feel that if everyone widens their outlook, this world will be a much better place to live. But, for now if you ask me I'd say that It's a Cruel World! It's a Man's World!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Good Evening Friends!!!

A drizzling evening...... unknown faces walking by.... slow moving vehicles shrieking out their horn with all their might... cigarette butts flooding the ash tray.... the dim light of the light-post flickering over every stranger........ dark clouds in the sky slowly drifting towards uncharted territories..... the dark silhouette of the old buildings blocking the horizon..... but amidst all no one notices three young people sitting at a wooden table, laughing their hearts out at apparently nothing!!!..... Do they care about the world? Or rather does the world care about them?.... There's no answer to it...... or is it that no one wants to know the answer...... the only thing that everyone knows is that the time is drifting away even faster than their watches show...... just like the clouds are drifting away but they cannot grasp it...... they got to live in this time.... they got to laugh in this time that drifts..... Cause they never know what lies beneath the deep dark clouds....... or........ Do they even bother to know?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


A bad day at the office...... a heated quarrel with someone on road....... an unreasonable rebuke from your elders..... a day when nothings going your way......
Thats when the thin wire called 'Temper' snaps....... thats when you let loose something vicious, something primitive- something that civilized people call 'Anger'! Yes, its primitive and its vicious- because once you let loose that thing you don't generally know where to hold back, and out comes that age old primitive man that is dormant all the time inside you....... Yes, we maybe descendants of the Ape family but can you tell me an important reason why we evolved from them to become the superiors of this world? Yes, i think we are thinking on the same lines now. A very important reason was our inherent quality to control our own ancestral animosity. We could master the art of containing our animosity and look how far we've progressed....... Then i want to ask everyone that why tarnish our own image by showing others our ancestral weaknesses...... by letting loose our own animosity on others..... why do we love to hurt people whom we don't like or people who has done some wrong to you?...... Can't we live by controlling our anger and live like the superiors of the world? I'm not asking everyone to give up their anger because its an emotion that the ever so mysterious human mind experiences and emotions make us humans stand out amidst all. All i want us all to do is to channelize our anger into a more positive direction rather than bringing out the animal in us.......

Yes, even i sometimes loose my control and that beast residing inside me tries to rise its ugly head now and again...... but i try my best in channelizing my anger into doing something that'll ease me down and even be a bonus help to me......

So people, let's all kill the beast within us! Well, its not possible to kill the beast, but lets try our might to keep it dormant as much time as possible. Trust me it helps a lot... We were superiors and we will be superiors....... Just don't let that ugly beast residing in you raise itself from its sleep....... I can say one thing for sure- if most of us can control our anger then The World will be a much Better Place to Live in!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monsoon Calling!!!

Dirty roads... Mud covered lanes.... Flooded Fields...... Swelled up ponds..... Dark sky...... Kids drenched in rain running about in the streets...... Ladies disgusted with mud splashing as the car passes by...... The flickering lights of the light post...... Water logged streets and even railway tracks!!!..... Office goers cribbing at the traffic blockade due to the water logging...... Scantily clad little boys jumping and splashing water from a pothole...... The excessive greenery of the surroundings...... So many mysterious birds whistling to their own tunes........ Lovers walking down the alley sharing one umbrella..... Weather department's constant mis-predictions.....

Yes, its time to get drenched in the rain..... Its time to enjoy the beautiful nature...... its time to love and be loved..... its time to enjoy along with your loved ones around, with a mug of coffee, and the rains hitting the black pitch on the road making a monotonous sound...... Yes, my friends, its time for the rains.......

The Monsoons have arrived!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Rainy Day

Its been raining since the wee hours of the night...... When i raised from my slumber i could feel my face was wet with the pouring rain..... but I'd been so deep in my neverland that i hardly felt anything...... I loved it when the cold drops of rain splashed on my window pane spraying on my face- I loved the feeling....... The water-logged streets, the swelled up pond across my veranda , the droplets of water trickling down from the fern in front of my apartment, the skies being painted with the most wonderful shade of grey that I'd ever witnessed- everything was so serene, so surreal, so beautiful, so lovely, so romantic....... Mother Nature has romance in every aspect of her..... She is so beautiful..... I feel that with so many beauties walking the earth nowadays, nobody would ever have a slightest of chance infront of Her beauty...... But we hardly seem to notice it. We're caught up in our daily lives, in the hustle and bustle of this fast-moving world that we hardly care to adore the most beautiful lady around....... Lets notice her and adore her and preserve her beauty before she ages due to our constant negligence........
Let us all take a look around and say together to our lovely lady Nature- "I Love You"!

Strange are the Ways of this World!!!

The saying goes, "As you sow, So shall you reap"..... i found it very fitting during my schoolboy days..... whatever i did or my friends did had the most perfectly fitting rewards or punishments as you might put it..... but as i crossed my age barriers and stepped into this world of college, my beliefs took a complete U-turn!!! Never had i ever thought that you get rewarded for cheating in your exams- Never had i ever thought that you get accolades for flattery- Never had i ever thought that I'll find a situation that'll throw the saying "All that Glitters is not Gold!" into tantrums!!! i wont say that my hands ain't dirty or that i haven't yet been caught up by this system- a system that sometimes amazes me! Four years and still counting- I've been transformed into a world which applauds deceit, fraudulence, pretense and remains indifferent to simplicity and truthfulness. All my childhood ideologies are defeated now- i live in this world believing this falsehood is truth...... But i search for a much more bigger truth....... the eternal truth....... This world doesn't appreciate truth but someone will definitely someday....... but as of now i can only but say,
Strange are the Ways of this World!!!

The Story of a Boy...

A boy came into the world... shy, soft spoken, obedient, a boy loved beyond means by his parents..... so much love that he never ever thought about the perilous world that lay out of his own house, out of his mother's shed..... everyone thought that this guy's too soft to make a mark on this crude world..... he faced the world bravely fearing the worst.... he faltered and there wasn't his mother to lift him up from the dusty earth... but he found someone who helped him stand up again and face this world with a feeling that he's not alone.... he called this someone-FRIEND!!!.... after all he has learnt to face this world with a brave heart.... but there was more to learn..... nobody believed that this guy who knew just to be loved, could love someone in return..... but as if to prove them wrong life one day brought up an angel in-front of him..... an angel so beautiful, so caring that the world seemed to change for him.... the angel took care of him and loved him beyond every possible means.... but still everyone thought that he still hasn't learnt to Love.... and one day the angel went away..... he cried and cried and wished for the angel to return.... Suddenly there was this blinding light and d angel was right there in front of him with arms open for him to run and embrace her.... Has he learnt to Love??? u never know..... There's always so much to learn..... and life teaches you everything in life whether you want to learn or not.... and he is still learning..... and he will forever learn..... This, my friend is the story of a boy, who was transformed into a man by life....