Monday, June 16, 2008

A Rainy Day

Its been raining since the wee hours of the night...... When i raised from my slumber i could feel my face was wet with the pouring rain..... but I'd been so deep in my neverland that i hardly felt anything...... I loved it when the cold drops of rain splashed on my window pane spraying on my face- I loved the feeling....... The water-logged streets, the swelled up pond across my veranda , the droplets of water trickling down from the fern in front of my apartment, the skies being painted with the most wonderful shade of grey that I'd ever witnessed- everything was so serene, so surreal, so beautiful, so lovely, so romantic....... Mother Nature has romance in every aspect of her..... She is so beautiful..... I feel that with so many beauties walking the earth nowadays, nobody would ever have a slightest of chance infront of Her beauty...... But we hardly seem to notice it. We're caught up in our daily lives, in the hustle and bustle of this fast-moving world that we hardly care to adore the most beautiful lady around....... Lets notice her and adore her and preserve her beauty before she ages due to our constant negligence........
Let us all take a look around and say together to our lovely lady Nature- "I Love You"!

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