Friday, April 1, 2011

Windows Internet Explorer 9


IE9Windows has come up with its latest version on browser – IE9. I was never a big follower IE but by the first look of it i liked it… But once you start using it, you start to really get the constraints it has. It worked pretty fine with me till the time i opened facebook and then it got stuck as soon as i tried to comment of a friends post. So basically it seems that IE has a long way to go to run heavy application websites like facebook, etc. I’ve moved back to Firefox to go social and IE again fails to impress me… But you guys sure do give IE9 a try… coz unless you use it you wont know the difference!!! Till then… keep surfing!!! Smile

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Technology Re-defined

Microsoft keeps on making life easier for their users…. However much you criticize them or bring out their negatives, you just can’t ignore them at the end of the day…. Today I downloaded Windows Live Writer so that I can publish my blogs by just writing my thoughts down on a notepad whenever i feel like. Windows Live is another application which makes you always updated with the mails you anticipate! And I read a blog today about Windows 8 Beta, Operating system made easy even for an illiterate to work upon….. So the moral of the story – The more you are connected to the masses, to the people around, the more popular you will get! Doesn’t matter if you are not 100% accurate or true…. What matters more is our simplicity and your ability to connect to the people around!