Monday, June 16, 2008

Strange are the Ways of this World!!!

The saying goes, "As you sow, So shall you reap"..... i found it very fitting during my schoolboy days..... whatever i did or my friends did had the most perfectly fitting rewards or punishments as you might put it..... but as i crossed my age barriers and stepped into this world of college, my beliefs took a complete U-turn!!! Never had i ever thought that you get rewarded for cheating in your exams- Never had i ever thought that you get accolades for flattery- Never had i ever thought that I'll find a situation that'll throw the saying "All that Glitters is not Gold!" into tantrums!!! i wont say that my hands ain't dirty or that i haven't yet been caught up by this system- a system that sometimes amazes me! Four years and still counting- I've been transformed into a world which applauds deceit, fraudulence, pretense and remains indifferent to simplicity and truthfulness. All my childhood ideologies are defeated now- i live in this world believing this falsehood is truth...... But i search for a much more bigger truth....... the eternal truth....... This world doesn't appreciate truth but someone will definitely someday....... but as of now i can only but say,
Strange are the Ways of this World!!!

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Aritro..... I am what I am..... said...

That's the reason I like to live in my own world...though it got tainted once...but it was my own felony...but still people learn from their mistakes and even I did...n for ya strange r not the ways of the world but we are strange to make it otherwise..We were the ones who made the proverbs and its obvious that wwe will only b the ones to modify them...So the best is to live as an individual having ur own path of thinking and principles which noone except u can define and thru time everyones gonna respect u for I do ....
A friend always...Chiks