Thursday, December 20, 2012


What is Development? Who is developed? Whom do we call under-developed? Before we delve into finding the answer for these questions, we need to narrow down to development in which respect. Development can be manifold – financial development, academic development, literary development and the most important, development of the human character.

I would say for any kind of development, the first and foremost is financial development. Without the influence of a proper finance, any other form of development is not possible, be it academic or literary development, or a holistic development of a particular nation or any particular community. However, the one thing which is set apart from financial influence is the development of the human mind and soul. The first and foremost development that we need is the development of high moral values about society in the human heart. If we are under-developed on matters pertaining to our character then however much we move ahead in the other aspects we will never be deemed developed in the society. When we hear of honour killings in our country, or a group of militants shooting a school-girl for standing up against something wrong, or when we see women raped and then questions being raised about her character or the dress that she wore, it makes us question ourselves – are we really developed? Is this what we call a developed mind? These are questions for which the answers are very uneasy. Unless, we elevate our thoughts and develop our morale outlook towards the world, towards the people around us, we will still be deemed as Under-Developed however much we achieve in life.

The choice is ours – do we still want to live this life thinking and believing in this pseudo-development that we perceive or do we want to cleanse ourselves from the inside and tread the path for being really developed and make this world a better place to live in?

Friday, April 1, 2011

Windows Internet Explorer 9


IE9Windows has come up with its latest version on browser – IE9. I was never a big follower IE but by the first look of it i liked it… But once you start using it, you start to really get the constraints it has. It worked pretty fine with me till the time i opened facebook and then it got stuck as soon as i tried to comment of a friends post. So basically it seems that IE has a long way to go to run heavy application websites like facebook, etc. I’ve moved back to Firefox to go social and IE again fails to impress me… But you guys sure do give IE9 a try… coz unless you use it you wont know the difference!!! Till then… keep surfing!!! Smile

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Technology Re-defined

Microsoft keeps on making life easier for their users…. However much you criticize them or bring out their negatives, you just can’t ignore them at the end of the day…. Today I downloaded Windows Live Writer so that I can publish my blogs by just writing my thoughts down on a notepad whenever i feel like. Windows Live is another application which makes you always updated with the mails you anticipate! And I read a blog today about Windows 8 Beta, Operating system made easy even for an illiterate to work upon….. So the moral of the story – The more you are connected to the masses, to the people around, the more popular you will get! Doesn’t matter if you are not 100% accurate or true…. What matters more is our simplicity and your ability to connect to the people around!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Beginning...

Huge buildings..... Electronic Sensor doors..... Sprawling gardens..... Majestic Fountain..... Colossal Canteen....... Biometric Captors...... Strict regimens....... Bean-Shaped magnificent structures looking scornfully down at us as if chiding us for being so small.......

These were the first few thoughts that were on my mind as I entered the premises of my ever-so-awaited office campus...... it was my moment of truth.... after a long battle.... after a long struggle.... yes I have earned my moment of truth! and i wanted to cherish this moment my feeling the fresh air of that hallowed place...... yes, for a moment i did close my eyes, spread my arms out and took a deep breath! That felt like an accomplishment...... I have left behind everything.... This is my new Life...... and I will live my new Life to the fullest....... Its time to look ahead.... Its time to pay your dues to life..... Its time to Learn.... Its time to Apply yourself..... after all this wait yes it seems that all of it was worth it..... the people around..... the ambiance around..... the aura around...... though it all feels like Surreal..... but get a grip on your senses dude - This is Reality! This is the end of one Life...... This is the Beginning of another!!!


Hey guys am back from my slumber!!!Sorry to have kept you guys waiting for such a long time.... actually I was out of here for some soul searching..... testing times came and gone..... don't know if Time conquered me or I eventually managed to conquer Time..... but what matters is that I am a survivor of Time.... and I will continue to survive...... So guys never let anything get to you...... Its you who Rules over yourself!!! All i could say now is that.... I am Back!!! I have had my Ressurection!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Another day passes by........ and guess where am I sitting right now? Absolutely spot on!- My favourite coffee shop around as i scribble down my erratic thoughts on this small bill paper..... sipping carelessly at my cappuccino not knowing where do I stand at this very moment.... what do I do next! What has life got to offer next? How do I go about with my life ahead?..... Unsure about everything life has to offer next..... But have I ever known what life offers next? Does anyone know that?..... I guess not! But there's something unusual that I'm feeling at this very moment..... A force to break free...... A drive towards freedom..... A child's desire to grasp the unknown..... A man's insight into the future..... An anxiety, a longing, a wait...... A Wait is all I can give to this passing time..... All that I can do is Hope for everything I want in Life..... Yes, a Hope...... Our whole life depends on a Hope!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Its a Man's World!!!

A Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha few years back which entitled women to 33% reservation in the Lok Sabha. But reservation of seats for women at this dawn of the 21st century speaks volumes about the position of women in our country. But why do we blame our country only- it’s the same everywhere in this world.

A lot has been said about the progress of women- but whom are we trying to fool? When we speak of women reservations at this juncture it clearly shows that all we are pursuing is nothing but a hollow dream! The truth is that it’s been a few exceptions that we keep on citing as the progress of the fairer sex. However, a holistic stride still eludes us.

Let me now cite some examples to clarify what exactly I am trying to convey. We keep on repeating that women have made a great leap in the world of sports. It’s true that there's a lot of opportunity for the weaker sex if they want, but has anyone ever thought of the indifference that is shown when it comes to remunerations. A female Tennis player gets almost half the amount that her counterpart gets. Same is the case in all other versions of sports. And we still say that women are progressing!

When I've taken up the issue of remuneration then I feel free to convey that in Hollywood female actors get a huge margin of less payment than their male counterparts. If such is the case with the 'most civilized' cult of the human race then what more do I need to say. Women take part in all the beauty contests like Miss Universe and Miss World, but does anyone care to bother about the fact that these contests are never organized by the women fraternity themselves. Moreover, why don't we see women leaders of nations often? And when we do see one, why are we surprised? It's a fact that women fear the dirt of politics. The world has seen Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi and alike but then again these are the exceptions!

There is a common notion among all that women excel in cultural activities like art and dance. But I would rather say that though women engage themselves in these cultural activities, the zenith is occupied by their counterparts. When we talk about art everyone would talk about Da Vinci, Michelangelo and in present day M.F.Hussain. Similarly, when we talk about breakthrough in the field of dance in India everyone speaks of Uday Shankar.

No matter what anyone says, it's a very sorry plight at least for me! With cases of rape, female infanticide, bride burning, molestations, eve teasing increasing exponentially all over the world, I don't see progress for women for even the next century. And with exploitation of one half of the society I see nothing but darkness gripping the human race. However, I still have hope on humanity. I still feel that if everyone widens their outlook, this world will be a much better place to live. But, for now if you ask me I'd say that It's a Cruel World! It's a Man's World!!!