Thursday, December 20, 2012


What is Development? Who is developed? Whom do we call under-developed? Before we delve into finding the answer for these questions, we need to narrow down to development in which respect. Development can be manifold – financial development, academic development, literary development and the most important, development of the human character.

I would say for any kind of development, the first and foremost is financial development. Without the influence of a proper finance, any other form of development is not possible, be it academic or literary development, or a holistic development of a particular nation or any particular community. However, the one thing which is set apart from financial influence is the development of the human mind and soul. The first and foremost development that we need is the development of high moral values about society in the human heart. If we are under-developed on matters pertaining to our character then however much we move ahead in the other aspects we will never be deemed developed in the society. When we hear of honour killings in our country, or a group of militants shooting a school-girl for standing up against something wrong, or when we see women raped and then questions being raised about her character or the dress that she wore, it makes us question ourselves – are we really developed? Is this what we call a developed mind? These are questions for which the answers are very uneasy. Unless, we elevate our thoughts and develop our morale outlook towards the world, towards the people around us, we will still be deemed as Under-Developed however much we achieve in life.

The choice is ours – do we still want to live this life thinking and believing in this pseudo-development that we perceive or do we want to cleanse ourselves from the inside and tread the path for being really developed and make this world a better place to live in?

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