Sunday, July 6, 2008

Its a Man's World!!!

A Bill was passed in the Lok Sabha few years back which entitled women to 33% reservation in the Lok Sabha. But reservation of seats for women at this dawn of the 21st century speaks volumes about the position of women in our country. But why do we blame our country only- it’s the same everywhere in this world.

A lot has been said about the progress of women- but whom are we trying to fool? When we speak of women reservations at this juncture it clearly shows that all we are pursuing is nothing but a hollow dream! The truth is that it’s been a few exceptions that we keep on citing as the progress of the fairer sex. However, a holistic stride still eludes us.

Let me now cite some examples to clarify what exactly I am trying to convey. We keep on repeating that women have made a great leap in the world of sports. It’s true that there's a lot of opportunity for the weaker sex if they want, but has anyone ever thought of the indifference that is shown when it comes to remunerations. A female Tennis player gets almost half the amount that her counterpart gets. Same is the case in all other versions of sports. And we still say that women are progressing!

When I've taken up the issue of remuneration then I feel free to convey that in Hollywood female actors get a huge margin of less payment than their male counterparts. If such is the case with the 'most civilized' cult of the human race then what more do I need to say. Women take part in all the beauty contests like Miss Universe and Miss World, but does anyone care to bother about the fact that these contests are never organized by the women fraternity themselves. Moreover, why don't we see women leaders of nations often? And when we do see one, why are we surprised? It's a fact that women fear the dirt of politics. The world has seen Margaret Thatcher, Indira Gandhi and alike but then again these are the exceptions!

There is a common notion among all that women excel in cultural activities like art and dance. But I would rather say that though women engage themselves in these cultural activities, the zenith is occupied by their counterparts. When we talk about art everyone would talk about Da Vinci, Michelangelo and in present day M.F.Hussain. Similarly, when we talk about breakthrough in the field of dance in India everyone speaks of Uday Shankar.

No matter what anyone says, it's a very sorry plight at least for me! With cases of rape, female infanticide, bride burning, molestations, eve teasing increasing exponentially all over the world, I don't see progress for women for even the next century. And with exploitation of one half of the society I see nothing but darkness gripping the human race. However, I still have hope on humanity. I still feel that if everyone widens their outlook, this world will be a much better place to live. But, for now if you ask me I'd say that It's a Cruel World! It's a Man's World!!!



Nice post bro! u really deserv accolades 4 writin on tis issue....rite..its a pitiable state of issue..with a typical male sex baskin in his own rhetorical vainglory!Lemme tell u....women aren't equal 2 men...but they r incredibly superior 2 men(though d purists mite now argue 4 d equality of both)...'coz of d either , women epitomize illimitable luv n firebrand...dat can create n universe on its own.. if nurtured properly...or annihilate d whole biological entity into shreds if anyone haggles with her virtues! Letz face it: Women is atop d hiararchy...her position is unrivalled by men...its hightime...she's reconciled 2 d summit of respect,dignity n luv she rightfully deserves!
She's d creator..she's d r mere mortals ...sum of d strayed ones even imbibe devilish traits..d least v can do is not provoke her 2 d extent...extent...dat c turns over into a destructor!
Such pessimistic presumptions only can create devastations amounting 2 catastrophical proportions…v ought 2 b goddmn optimistic…..let good conscience and good times prevail :)

SAURAV said...

The thing is its the way you look at it. If India talks of 33% reservation for women, it has already lost the battle, or trying in vain to show their valor in fighting a battle which stands on no base.
There is no point of discussing such an issue. Because the moment you think of women as objects of desire, you have no point of discussing.
Rape is a issue, common in the 'educated' society more as compared.
Our fight should be for the day when we see movies for acting, slap the director who introduces an 'item no.' with the hottest girl wearing a negligee only to get money!........

Then we are preparing to fight a battle which has a base.

SAURAV blog:

plethora of pleasant thoughts said...

You are clearly in an illusion. The problem of woman liberty is unlike anything else. Its a rose bud at the tip of Mind-set evolution. Its not simply a "rights" issue. People need to evolve. The very concept came into existence because of the fore-runners of such evolution. "Its a man's world". Of course it is, man has been playing territorial-dominant for many eons, and you expect him to evolve out of it in a century?!!!? get real!